Architects Marta Bastianello, Ludovica Costa, Anna Fabro, and Francesca Marchetti, sharing expertise, passion, and sensitivity, offer their clients a tailor-made service: through careful analysis of the context, they ensure targeted solutions that enhance the unique characteristics and history of each building in a contemporary context, giving living spaces a fluid and harmonious dimension.

The Bastianello/Costa/Marchetti/Fabro studio was founded in Milan in 1999 and specializes in architectural design for private residences, period homes, offices, and public spaces. Attentive to architectural values and formal balance, their work also addresses practical and organizational aspects of space, aesthetically and functionally interpreting diverse needs.

Sophisticated attention to detail and a rigorous choice of materials, colors, and finishes lie at the heart of their projects. 

The studio, with its many years of experience, benefits from a well-established network of expert craftsmen, including carpenters, stonemasons, blacksmiths, and upholsterers capable of satisfying the demands of the most discerning clientele.

The variety of educational backgrounds and experiences in managing complex renovations and in working with structural and plant engineers, allows the architects to oversee projects of various sizes and types, from individual private residences to larger-scale endeavors. This synergy enables them to successfully tackle specialized challenges and projects, ensuring high-quality results in any context.

Marta Bastianello

Marta's aesthetic sensibility, Venetian by birth and training, matures in the city where she grew up, a source of constant inspiration, as much as travel and every manifestation of art, beauty and a sought-after balance that is not necessarily symmetry but rather a calibrated relationship of contrasts. Her "doing" architecture is guided by a firm belief in precision, in respect for the context and history of the building, in understanding the potential of a space and the correct development of volumes, in a tight dialogue with chromatic and light choices.
In the Milanese studio on Via S. Maria alla Porta, the workshop where Marta's designs originate, light, color and care for materials become the strong points of her interiors.
The study of light, natural and artificial, is one of the pivots on which the perception of space and the serenity of those who inhabit it are played out. No less care Marta devotes to the palette of tints, never taken for granted and able to enhance the shapes and materials of the rooms, chosen with extreme care and through passionate research. The selection of stones, woods, fabrics, metals and wallpapers are the result of many years of experience with artisans, artists and antique dealers that Marta follows down to the smallest details, because it is precisely the "detail that makes the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary" (Francis Atterbury).
Starting by listening deeply to the client's needs and references, Marta shapes interiors that are as unique as the people who live in them, considering the home a kind of mirror of the soul and reflection of those who inhabit it. 

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Ludovica Costa

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Ludovica Costa

Ludovica is a highly experienced architect and project manager known for her passion for enhancing existing environments and coordinating complex, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing projects. Graduating in Architecture in 1993, she gained invaluable experience at renowned firms like Studio di Architettura Gardella and Studio Gregotti Associati International in Milan before embarking on a successful freelance career in 2000. With a focus on renovations, facades, roofing, and single-family homes, Ludovica's approach prioritizes context, comfort, and sustainability. Her extensive professional network enables her to seamlessly manage all aspects of a project for successful execution.

Francesca Marchetti

Francesca Marchetti is an architect and interior designer. Born in Udine in 1969, she graduated from the Milan Polytechnic and after a period of collaboration at the Gregotti Associati International studio, she opened her own studio in Milan in 1999. Her stylistic signature, for both interiors and exteriors, is characterized by simple, clean lines. Careful research on the quality of materials, finishing techniques and light are peculiarities of each project. The work process is carried out according to a punctual organization and a rigorous but always creative proceeding. Very attentive to the needs of the client with whom she establishes a privileged dialogue on which to baste the plot of each project.

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Anna Fabro

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Anna Fabro

He was born in Genova, where she graduated in Architecture in 1993. After a year in Paris with Mario Cucinella, she moved to Milan, where she worked for six years in the Ottavio Di Blasi Associati studio and, from 2001 to 2004, again with Cucinella as head of Art Direction and assistant Construction Manager of the renovation of a large real estate complex in Via Bergognone53. Since 2005 she has been freelancing and participating in international architecture and design competitions. Since 2011 she has joined Bastianello/Costa/Marchetti/Fabro, first in the office in Via Morigi 9 and since 2022 in the new office in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 9. Between 2014 and 2015 she is in Expo, where she collaborates with Milan Ingegneria for the design of the Ireland Pavilion and follows for Mario Cucinella architects the Construction Manager for the Granarolo's installation.


Diletta Baiguera, Francesca Esposito, Paola Gadola, Carolina Tempora