Irish Pavilion Expo 2015

The project of the Irish Pavilion Expo 2015 of OPW – The Office of Public Works, reflects the cultural identity, historical and social development of the country: the visitor at the center dell’allestimento approaches the culture of the country. Through the study of various issues, including food, music, literature, land, science and technology come to the Expo theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The volume of the Ireland Pavilion features two separate volumes: two forms in contrast, a rectangle and a curve, a rigid and the other fluid to represent the duality of Irish culture. The rectangular volume is completely built in panels of X-lam, left visible and    marked by vertical slats with variable pitch. The curved volume, is characterized by a large sail, which rests on a mirror of water, covered with horizontal lamellae and polycarbonate sheets. Rooms in green, the ground floor, reminiscent of the Irish landscape. The approach to environmental sustainability has determined the guidelines for developing the design, involving all aspects of the planning process, from concept to construction and management through to disposal.

Project code:
a.f /19
Local Architect e Responsabile della Direzione Artistica
Milano Expo 2015
2000 mq
In collaboration with:
Arch. Ludovica Costa, Arch. Francesca Marchetti, Arch. Marta Bastianello e Milan Ingegneria

Photographer: Daniele Domenicali