Anita Garibaldi square

1st classification International competition “Five Squares for Milan” – Piazza Anita Garibaldi 1999. Preliminary design, detailed design and site supervision. The square occupied a central position in the geography of Baggio but was a marginal episode in the common life of the village. The aim of the competition was to transform the space occupied by cars and public transport in an urban place where citizens could identify themselves. The idea of the project was to create a protected, harvested shelter, where citizens could meet, relax, entertain. From the adjacent Cascina Monastero came the idea to recreate a symbolic cloister, at the place of the real one, that had been destroyed during the last war. The double row of trees suggests the double order of columns while gneiss paving, typical material of the Milanese tradition, recalls the typical geometry of the paving of the cloistered areas. The perimeter of the square is also bordered by solid gneiss curbs that serve as seats, while at the center of the square there is a water fountain.

Project code:
f.m /03
Nuova costruzione
Baggio (MI)
In collaboration with:
Arch. Marta Bastianello e Ing. Claudia Montevecchi

Photographer: Vari