House in Liguria

The construction project has been to complete the renewal of the external work of a single family home, built in Liguria, in the 70’s. A large terrace, replaces a narrow balcony, doubling the living area, making it very enjoyable and outer space. Expanding a small area, difficult to access and as a place for rest, creating a new and functional parking area. The creation of the parking lot, has imposed the construction of a high retaining wall in reinforced concrete, but it is clad in stone, integrating perfectly, in the existing context. New stone stairs, redefine the paths connecting the various units of the garden terrace. Olive trees characterize the existing green in this part of the coast.

Project code:
a.f /03
Ristrutturazione edilizia
Moneglia (Genova)
700 mq

Photographer: Anthony Hui